Imagine monitoring activity across all of your locations and each of your camera views from one device — instantly.

Why Retailers Choose Camdog ®

Why Retailers Choose Camdog

The Camdog ® VSAAS reduces the initial investment maintenance cost and complexity that traditional VMS have. Now retailers can view cameras in their locations in one dashboard, from anywhere. Our video analytics, can help minimize loss, strengthen security, and gain insight into consumer behavior.

Create a Better Retail Experience For
Customers and Staff

Seamless video management across locations

Instant notifications when an incident occurs and shares video evidence with the owners and responsible personnel.

Camdog ® supports more than 20,000 IP cameras.

24/7 continuous video monitoring with lifetime data storage

Lifetime Storage

Lifetime Storage

Cloud storage is the ideal solution in most cases. Forget about DVR/NVR and additional devices. Forget about the monthly maintenance of this huge infrastructure. Forget about the stolen video recorders. We provide a fully cloud-based storage.

Improve Store Operations Using Video

Camdog ® built-in video analytics turn your video security system into an amazing cost optimization tool. Retailers get insights into the daily operations of their stores and get customer experience improvement.

Improve Store Operations Using Video Analytics

Counting how many clients visited a store, peak traffic in business hours with People Detection analytics.

Improve Store Operations Using Video Analytics

Reduce thefts, vandalism, and break-ins by sending immediate notifications when a human or predefined object stays in one place too long with Loitering Detection mode

Improve Store Operations Using Video Analytics

Camera Tampering mode keeps you alerted to cameras being covered or off.

Improve Store Operations Using Video Analytics

Camdog ® mode detects movement when someone tries to steal an object and notifies you in real-time.

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