Camdog ® cloud video surveillance for Healthcare

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance
for Health Facilities

Healthcare facilities -are places where extra care is required. The Camdog ® VSAAS is a user-friendly, scalable, and cost-effective way to monitor proper patient care and the protection of valuable assets.

Full- remote access to cameras for easier monitoring of high-risk patients and proper staff compliance.

Real-time live video and historic video for better insight into supply management and liability protection.

User-friendly Camdog ® mobile application.

Lifetime storage

Lifetime storage

Video storage regulations for healthcare may depend on location and are subject to change. Camdog ® VSAAS provides lifetime data storage. So no need to think about new investments in data storage for your facilities.

Video Analytics Uncover Ways to Improve Guests’ Visits

Video Analytics Uncover Ways to Improve Guests’ Visits

Camdog ® VSAAS has video analytics that improves your security operation and transforms your video camera system into a “military grade defense” system. Gain insight into daily operations and discover new opportunities to create lifetime customers.

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