Create Smart and Safe Buildings with Camdog ® VSaaS

Camdog ® is a modern, AI based video surveillance systems that provides owners, managers, and security personnel with smart centralized building monitoring. Issues are detected automatically in any part of the building, at any time, before they become real liabilities

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance for Building Security

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance for Building Security

Camdog ® VSaaS simplifies security management and provides unlimited scalability to future proof your investment

Remote access from any device, anywhere.

Built-in Video analytics helps tracking suspicious activities and optimizes business processes.

Camdog ® supports more than 20,000 cameras models

Lifetime video storage helps business deal with litigations and disputes for events that happened at any point in the past

Analytics and Instant Notification systems helps resolving incidents quickly

Camdog ® has built-in analytics modes that can be leveraged to collect and analyze safety improvement data

Analytics and Instant Notification system helps with Incidents resolving

Seamless Security Management with Best-inClass Integrations

Seamless Security Management with Best-in-Class Integrations

Smart buildings offer safe and secure environments. Camdog ® can be easily integrated with other existing security systems to deter crime and monitor daily activity at the premises.

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