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This Notice at Collection applies to individuals (“Data Subjects”) whose personal information is collected by Camdog Inc. and its authorized representatives, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, if any.

Who Are We?

Camdog Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Camdog”, “us”, “we”),

Address: 2093 Philadelphia Pike 2076, Claymont, DE 19703,


Who Are You?

You may be one of the persons provided under:

  • a person registered on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) and create an account on the Website on his own behalf with intend to use the services of the Company, namely providing security services for the home or business users ("the Services"), namely the User;

  • a person who visited the Website, namely, the Visitor.

Personal Information We Collect.

Personal information that the Company collects:

  • Account information, namely the information about you we need to register and maintain your account: first name, second name, email address, mobile phone number, as well as your login, password required to enable you to access our Services, account ID, account name;

  • Geolocation data: country, state, city, street, house number.

  • Technical information: personal data preserved in the log files, as well as your device model.

  • Third-party data: personal information from the social network site (if you decide to create your Account based on your account in one of social network sites);

  • Cookies data and other information generated through automated means: session cookies, stored cookies and other personal data prescribed in the Cookies Policy.

  • Other personal information: the information you provide us with when contacting us through the email address for inquiries, “Contact Us” feature, customer support tools in the Website and Application and other points of contact.

We collect this personal information for such purposes as:

  • providing you with our Services;

  • registering, maintaining and managing your Account and profile;

  • identifying and authenticating you when you try to access your Account;

  • ensuring the smooth and enhanced experience with our Services, Application and Website;

  • processing your payments and orders for our Services;

  • enabling you to receive notifications and information related to the Services;

  • ensuring the safety and security of our Services and preventing the misuse and abuse of the Services, Website and Application;

  • customer support and communication with data subjects;

  • allowing the usage of third-party services (such as social network sites) and products (such as devices and other hardware you need to run our Website and Application);

  • performing analytics and collecting statistical data;

  • developing, enhancing, updating and managing our Services, Website and Application, as well as other products and services we design and develop to offer you in course of business;

  • protecting you against fraud and other crimes, as well as claims and other kinds of legal liability;

  • complying with the applicable laws, legal requirements, relevant industry standards and policies, including Cookies Policy and Terms of Service.

As a registered user with respect to the personal information provided to us, or as a visitor with respect to cookie data, you may at any time file a request to delete personal information. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Lawfulness of Collection (Consent).

The legal basis for collecting, using and/or processing of your personal information is the consent that we intend to obtain from you after this Notice at Collection. We will receive it if you check the box and click "I give consent." When you click on “I agree”, we will consider you have read our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy carefully before proceeding to the registration and obtaining access to the Services.

If you click "I give consent", it means that you understand and accept all the terms and conditions specified in the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Absence of Consent.

You have a right to withdraw consent at any time in your account on the Website or Application by deleting it.

You can also withdraw your consent at any time on the Website or Application or send an email to the following email address:

If We Transferred Your Personal Information.

While collecting, using and/or processing your personal information we transfer it to entities that can act as services providers and provide support with authorization, account management, account security, system software errors, Services, bans, etc. The specifics of the actions performed by the Services Providers are set forth in the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy.

How We Can Transfer Your Personal Information.

We bind our partners with the contractual promise to adhere to at least the same level on the transfer of personal information that could be found in the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy that could be accessed via the link:,


If you want to file a complaint regarding how we do collect, use and/or process your personal information (or how the Services Providers defined above collects your personal information), or how your complaint has been processed, you have the right to fill in such a complaint via this link:

Privacy Policy.

You can read more about how and why we use your personal information via this link:

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