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Frequently Asked Questions


What data do we receive and use?

If briefly, Name, email, phone, IP address of your camera. Read our Privacy Policy for full details.

We use the phone number only to send alerts to the Viber/WhatsUp/Telegram messenger that is connected to your number. We do not call you.

We do not use your credit card number at all. We make all payments through Stripe and Paypal. You interact fully with them.

Your photos are stores in a secure bucket in our service based on Google cloud.

Only you.


We do not sell cameras. We are ready to connect any camera that you bought in advance. Contact Amazon, eBay or AliExpress for example. They will offer you a huge selection of cameras.

Sure write us a support request, and we will help you. It's free.

Sure write us a support request, and we will help you. It's free.

Payment Management

We accept subscription payment as advance payment. Payment for the additional hours which are not covered by plan subscription will be made at the end of the month.

No. They do not.

If you still need our help - submit a request

We provide FREE trial period. No credit card required.

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