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CAMDOG ® is the Artificial Intelligence Security System for Small and Medium Businesses. It can help identify and thwart several different potential threats for your store, cafe, restaurant, shop, mall before they even happen. CAMDOG ® can be easily installed on your existing CCTV camera system and immediately turn it into a powerful watchdog that will alert you of any suspicious activity potentially leading to a theft or a break-in, whether you are there or not and whether your business is open or closed for the night.

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Human detection.

You can easily select a specific area around your property and configure a protected virtual perimeter.

CAMDOG ® will make sure it remains under constant surveillance. Not only the system will alert you of a possible theft but it will also take a photo of the suspect individual.

Object detection.

In stores, CAMDOG ® will help you identify potential thefts. Any object removed from a pre-defined area or any suspicious behavior will trigger an alert to any of the devices you selected. The deep-learning algorithms help reduce false positives.

Object detection.

Keep your parking area or your garage under strict surveillance thanks to the powerful AI-based CAMDOG ® system. Just highlight the perimeter on your screen and CAMDOG ® will alert you immediately of any intrusion or of any object removed from the area.

Suspicious activity.

Threats are often very hard to detect but AI can identify imperceptible behavioral patterns so that you can be prepared before something happens. CAMDOG's deep-learning algorithms ignore simple passers-by but records any potential threat to your business.

ALPR Recognition.

In parking areas and garages, CAMDOG ® will monitor arriving or leaving vehicles. You will be immediately alerted of any suspicious activity and the system will record type of vehicle, make, model and license plate. As an added benefit, use CAMDOG ® for automated billing of parking services.

People counting.

CAMDOG ® can be also used as an effective retail traffic counter. Count your customers and set warnings and alerts for any pre-defined event (i.e. an occupancy limit).

CAMDOG's facial recognition capability will make sure to count customers only and exclude store employees from the statistics.

Suspicious Activity detection.

CAMDOG's advanced Deep Learning algorithms can also be used in stores to check people who walk in the store but don't appear to buy anything. This is flagged as suspicious behavior and can help you identify thieves surveying a potential target or someone from competition checking your new layout or your product range or, worse, to lure away your most valuable employees.

Our advanced, Deep Learning algorithms can recognize your competitor. You will definitely know if this is going on.

Facial recognition.

Do you have your own cafe? John and Jane pass by your cafe at 7.30 every morning.

Why don't you open 30 minutes earlier and invite them in for a cup of coffee?

CAMDOG ® will create a statistical sample for you. John and Jane will be pleasantly surprised and you will have two new regular customers.

Save time and money on surveillance!

Let CAMDOG ® do the work for you!

If you already own a video surveillance system and you are familiar with the frustration of finding a two minute segment out of a 7-day recording to identify who scratched your car you have to try CAMDOG ®! Let the System do the work for you and find the segments you need.

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