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Do you have your own business?

CAMDOG ® is perfect for you.

Do you have your own cafe/restaurant/shop/mall? Yes, even a casino!

You care about your safety and the safety of your customers.

You care about your goods and your reputation.

We want to make it easy for you.

Look at our case studies and you will see how CAMDOG ® can secure and protect you and your belongings.

With our CAMDOG ® system and your stored data we help you take control of security, while assisting the police in finding criminals faster.

Human detection. You can select a specific area near your property and set up a virtual perimeter for protection.

Any person who gets into the protection zone will instantly be recorded and you will immediately receive notification by phone, email, or internet messenger that someone entered your designated secure area.

You can see the whole story. Everything is recorded by our CAMDOG ® software.

Object detection. Do you have a store? Do you have a problem with thieves? We all know these “brave” guys. They look for the easiest ways to steal.

Highlight the area to protect. We will ensure that it remains under surveillance.

You might have already encountered these types. We will photograph them for you. Feel free to call the police and send them a photo to start their investigation.

Object detection. Parking. This is often your area of responsibility for your clients. Highlight your parking zone. We will monitor it and you will have a record of any and all activity in that zone.

There will always be someone who would like to take advantage of you and your business.

You might have already come across these types. What they do not know is that CAMDOG ® is watching them and they are being photographed for you. Feel free to call the police and send them a photo to assist in their investigation.

Suspicious activity. Unfortunately, the threat of terrorist attacks is currently very high. They try to do us harm quietly, imperceptibly and unexpectedly.

We try to protect ourselves as much as we can, but it may not be enough.

Highlight the area around your business. We will record any suspicious activity so you can be prepared if something happens.

The recording CAMDOG ® makes for you will be very interesting to the police! Our advanced, deep learning algorithms do not pay attention to simple passersby. Only to those who show certain characteristics that could indicate danger to your business.

ALPR Recognition. Do you have your own parking area? We will help you by observing arriving and departing vehicles. You Indicate the area to be monitored and have peace of mind that anything suspicious will be recorded.

Our system will take a photo of all the vehicles that come into CAMDOG ® sightlines. It will show you the type of vehicle, make, model and most likely a license plate number. It can help with billing parking services as well.

Facial recognition. Do you have your own store? Do you want to know how many visitors you have per day?

Our deep Learning algorithms will count the people who come in. And the algorithms are smart. They can recognize all employees and will not mark them in the statistics.

Facial recognition. Do you have your own store? Do you want to know who came in with no intention of purchasing anything? Perhaps Dirty Joe from a nearby store came in again to lure away your most valuable employee?

No problem. We will help you with this.

Our advanced, Deep Learning algorithms can recognize your competitor. You will definitely know if this is going on.

Facial recognition. Do you have your own cafe? John and Jane pass by your cafe at 7.30 every morning.

Why don’t you open 30 minutes earlier and invite them in for a cup of coffee?

CAMDOG ® will create a statistical sample for you. John and Jane will be pleasantly surprised and you will have two new regular customers.

How do you like the idea?

We save you a lot of time

The equipment makes the video… you only access the portions you need.

Do you already have a video surveillance system? You may be familiar with the situation where you need to find a segment out of a 24-hour or 7-day record. You have already tried to search for a person who scratched your car. Your frustration mounts as you go through hundreds of hours of recordings.

Forget it! We do it all for you. Join us and you will see only the segments you need.

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