How is AI-based video surveillance service of Camdog Inc can help for the construction companies

The construction sector is faced with a lot of hazards and management issues that require a streamlined process for effective management. Artificial intelligence can be used for Facial/object recognition and surveillance video system. Lately, the accuracy of facial recognition through surveillance systems has taken a giant stride. Currently, AI can match faces with 99% accuracy. This feature has greatly enhanced organizations using AI surveillance in construction.

How Camdog Inc’s AI-based Video Surveillance is Changing the Insurance Industry

As technology adapts, it impacts the big-picture and day-to-day operations of countless different industries. This synergy of traditional businesses like insurance companies and tech like AI-based video surveillance is changing the face of the corporate world. Camdog Inc, a powerful surveillance technology business, is using its abilities to make a real impact on the world.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020
Camdog ® team
Video Surveillance for SMB (Small Medium Business)

As a small or medium-scale business owner, you need to take the security of your assets and staff very seriously. Contrary to the sentiments shared by many prominent businessmen and property owners, small scale businesses need a video security system as much as large scale businesses need them. Installing doors and security gates is simply not enough. For extra security, you need to ensure that your facility is monitored at all times.

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