Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Camdog team
Consequences of looting. How to minimize losses

Looters have their eyes on every expensive thing and every business either small or big. Looting is often a multitude of action, where two or more people find a shop, market, or a mall. Breaking their doors, windows, and things to loot whatever they can carry. They loot the stores in the best of time when they know police can’t reach them.

Camdog Security for Protection of Gas Station; How It Guards

In 2014 twenty-nine death fatalities have occurred in the gas station industry stated by US Bureau Statistics of labor. Ratios of 2.3 employees on every 100 employees were injured at the gas station. There is an estimation of1.1 rate among every 100 employees who were brutally injured. Those bruises either cause them to miss their work or either they have to leave the job and find some other safe place to work. There is a dire need for a system that can frequently manage and records such types of incidents, and helpful in finding the cause behind the occurrence. So, the number of such incidents could be minimized by a focused 24/7 system.

The End of the Era of Local Devices for Video Monitoring

With the growing progress of technology in every field of life, there is also a need to revolutionize the security devices to make our precious assets invincible. Security cameras are the need of every business. They are serving and assisting us like security guards to protect our valuable assets.

Wednesday, 08 April 2020
Camdog team
COVID Quarantine 2020 and your security needs with Camdog Inc

Everything is disturbed, economy, business, and social life. Coronavirus is changing the way the world works. The majority of the people are stuck in the houses, and they are unable to pursue even daily tasks effectively by which the world is facing significant financial loss. On the other hand, various people are dying regularly. More than 100 countries have restricted their flights; this global village has turned into a prison.

How is AI-based video surveillance service of Camdog Inc can help for the construction companies

The construction sector is faced with a lot of hazards and management issues that require a streamlined process for effective management. Artificial intelligence can be used for Facial/object recognition and surveillance video system. Lately, the accuracy of facial recognition through surveillance systems has taken a giant stride. Currently, AI can match faces with 99% accuracy. This feature has greatly enhanced organizations using AI surveillance in construction.

How Camdog Inc’s AI-based Video Surveillance is Changing the Insurance Industry

As technology adapts, it impacts the big-picture and day-to-day operations of countless different industries. This synergy of traditional businesses like insurance companies and tech like AI-based video surveillance is changing the face of the corporate world. Camdog Inc, a powerful surveillance technology business, is using its abilities to make a real impact on the world.

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