Video Surveillance for SMB (Small Medium Business)

Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Video Surveillance for SMB (Small Medium Business)

As a small or medium-scale business owner, you need to take the security of your assets and staff very seriously. Contrary to the sentiments shared by many prominent businessmen and property owners, small scale businesses need a video security system as much as large scale businesses need them. Installing doors and security gates is simply not enough. For extra security, you need to ensure that your facility is monitored at all times.

These days, video surveillance systems are now in vogue as businesses understand the inherent benefits of installing them at strategic points on their properties. Video monitoring cameras can be found in restaurants, offices, provision stores, shopping malls, and wherever people frequently enter and exit at intervals. Do you run any of the aforementioned businesses, or do you manage a building containing valuables? Here are some of the reasons why installing a video monitoring camera should be viewed as mandatory and not a mere luxury.

Reasons why your business needs a Video Surveillance system

If the overall security of your assets and the lives of those who frequent your premises is important to you, here are some of the key reasons why installing one or more cameras should be your topmost priority.

  • Theft Reduction

    Every year, the retail industry loses billions of dollars to theft from supposed customers who walk in pretending to buy one item or the other. In the past, only mega supermarkets and shopping malls had to face this evil on a daily basis; however, in recent times, small scale shops, businesses, and holdings are facing an increasing threat of theft. One of the smartest ways to combat this threat is by installing video monitoring cameras at strategic points on your premises so that your security operatives can monitor human activity at all times.

  • Remote monitoring

    There are two ways to tackle crime. Arresting culprits or prevention culprits from operating while on your premises. Although both approaches are necessary, only the latter guarantees you added protection from potential losses resulting from theft. If you have a wireless or wired video security system with facial recognition Camdog service, you can remotely monitor not only customers who walk in but also members of your staff. Remember that you are protecting your business not only from external threats but internal ones as well. A remote surveillance camera allows you to track down who is doing what and at what time, even if you are not around your business location.

  • Boost in productivity

    If your staff know that they are being watched, they will always be of their best behavior when on duty. We have witnessed an improvement in productivity from workers when employers invested resources in a video monitoring system. Furthermore, this equipment aids communication between departments, especially in a large building.

  • Resolve disputes

    For small and medium-sized businesses whose staffs directly interact with customers, disputes are bound to occur between employees and customers. Sometimes, it is hard to know who is telling the truth, and such disputes can paint your business in a bad light. How then can you find out who was telling the truth and who was lying? You guessed right, a video monitoring camera. With this device, you can get to the root of the problem and ensure that justice is served and issues are resolved fairly.

  • Valuable evidence to aid police investigations

    Another major reason why a video surveillance system is crucial for small businesses has to do with police investigations. If a criminal activity occurred in or around your business area, the evidence provided by security cameras would help the police conclude their investigations on time.

  • Source for video files easily

    There are 24 hours in a day, and tens and hundreds of customers are bound to walk into your premises during the day. And at night, you will also need to know who goes in or out of your compound. Identifying specific video files from a selection running into hundreds and thousands of files is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you have a video surveillance cloud storage, you can perform quick searches based on the month, week, day, hour, and even minute. Dedicated cloud storage makes it very easy to track files in less time. Try to use Camdog

  • It elicits feelings of safety

    Do you know that customers favorably view businesses that take security seriously? Installing cameras in and around your business area will make customers and members of staff feel safe while working or transacting business on the premises. What’s more? You can also monitor traffic, and with the information gathered from your surveillance activities, you can fine-tune your business processes to serve your clientele better.

  • A Cost-effective measure

    Installing the video monitoring cameras in your business area may cost you some cash in the short term, but the long term benefits they offer makes them worth the investment. Do you know that you can save yourself the resources that would have been paid to security monitoring companies who deploy security staff to your location? Cameras reduce your overhead cost while ensuring round the clock security monitoring 24 hours a day.

Places you should not install a video surveillance System

Even though the benefits of surveillance cameras are known to all, there are pushbacks to its adoption by the right groups. The valid argument they put forward is that cameras might infringe on privacy rights, and many businesses have faced legal suits for installing cameras at certain points. If you plan to install a secure wireless system, avoid installing them in restrooms or at points where customers may need to be partially or completely naked (boutiques).

Installing a video monitoring camera may cost you a little, but the long term safety benefits far outweigh the initial cost. Security cameras discourage stealing and burglars from breaking into your premises since they know that your camera’s facial recognition software will reveal their identity. It also allows you to monitor the activities of your staff onsite, and should a crime occur, video files can be tendered as evidence to the authorities to aid the investigation of the crime.

Are you looking to install video monitoring cameras in and around your property for continuous surveillance and improved security? Camdog Inc is your best bet to provide your business with first-class security monitoring tools. With our expertise and our effective security systems, you will never have to worry about being blindsided ever again by customers, your staff, or criminal elements. Contact us today for all your security monitoring needs. Let Camdog Inc be of service to you.

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