How is AI-based video surveillance service of Camdog Inc can help for the construction companies

Monday, 09 March 2020
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How is AI-based video surveillance service of Camdog Inc can help for the construction companies

The construction sector is faced with a lot of hazards and management issues that require a streamlined process for effective management. Artificial intelligence can be used for Facial/object recognition and surveillance video system. Lately, the accuracy of facial recognition through surveillance systems has taken a giant stride. Currently, AI can match faces with 99% accuracy. This feature has greatly enhanced organizations using AI surveillance in construction.

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that has had so much impact on the various industrial sector and our day to day activities. Systems powered with AI typically demonstrate some attributes, which include reasoning, learning, planning, problem-solving, perception, motion, and lots more. There are lots of uses for AI, lots of industrial sectors have adopted it, and lots of emerging tools and applications are adopting AI. Some of them include AI for drones where they carry out visual inspection of assets and sites, responding to customers, Self Driving cars, booking of flights and hotels, in medicals, content detection, and lots more.

One sector artificial intelligence is bringing about revolution is in the construction sector, where AI video surveillance has disrupted activity and facility monitoring. Although many security monitoring companies adopt the traditional camera approach, some of them are already incorporating AI in their surveillance system, such as Camdog Inc.

Challenges with Construction Firms

Construction companies and sites face a range of security challenges, which can include theft, vandalism, equipment breakdown, accidents, and lots more. Installing the CAMDOG.AI system throughout a construction site provides video monitoring, which is an important step in safeguarding the premises and ensuring maximum security.

Camdog Inc AI-based Video Surveillance in the construction sector

CAMDOG.AI surveillance systems can greatly reduce the workload of security staff, increase operational efficiency, and reduce cost.

Using the CAMDOG.AI surveillance system can bring significant benefits to a construction organization. It can help carry out the following

  • Detect unusual incidents
  • Generate real-time alerts
  • Facial recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Asset management
  • Event recognition
  • Time management
  • Building progress monitoring
  • Intelligent image processing

There are lots of problems associated with the old camera detection or manual security system, and it is challenging for security operations to be effective with this model. Operators have to go through a large volume of data, and events may not be detected in real-time. This is because humans have a short attention span, and events can be missed in a split second. Furthermore, the traditional camera system cannot automatically carry out facial recognition. These are the major challenge that Camdog Inc surveillance system solves. Camdog Inc. harnesses the power of Artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of video surveillance systems in the construction sites.

How does AI function in Camdog Video Surveillance?

CAMDOG.AI video surveillance system utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning strategies to analyze and monitor videos, images, and sounds that are recorded. Camdog surveillance system is capable of dissecting and recognizing the movement of machines and humans in construction facilities. Artificial intelligence uses machine-based vision to sort stored data on the system and send automated alerts when people are trespassing or detects other unusual patterns. What is more interesting is its ability to detect threats even before they occur. It archives all this with advanced algorithms and deep learning capabilities.

Here are the advantages of Camdog Inc. AI-based surveillance system.

Better attention span than humans

By default, the human brain pays attention to a specific type of thing but then ignore other important things. Sometimes people can also be distracted and would miss key events. Security operators and those that watch traditional camera systems that are tasked to watch videos might experience a fluctuating attention span. They would face physical and mental fatigue. However, Camdog artificial intelligence video surveillance has been developed and trained to observe every detail in construction premises and raise the alarm when it detects hazards, unusual events, and activities in real-time. CAMDOG.AI surveillance system does not get fatigued, or experience fluctuating attention span like humans. Camdog surveillance system can function with high-level efficiency 24/7with no latency.

Facial, Object and event recognition

Identifying specific events, activities, and people is very difficult in traditional security/camera system. It is also difficult to playback videos when it has been recorded in the event of analysis. CAMDOG.AI surveillance system does object recognition, facial recognition, event recognition, and delivers real-time proactive security.

Asset management

Construction industries have a lot of assets and remote facilities that need to be managed. These assets need monitoring to ensure they are functioning correctly and also prevent sudden breakdowns and downtime of equipment. video surveillance can help identify when assets are optimally utilized and also need maintenance. It ensures operators do not necessarily have to check them at regular intervals.

Image processing for analytics

Camdog video surveillance provides facility capturing / videos at a very high resolution for the construction sector. Low-quality videos and images can be an issue in delivering accurate analysis for organizations. Reporting would also be problematic without a high-resolution output. The analysis of images is more effective when the resolution is high.

Monitoring Employees

Construction industries use Camdog Inc AI surveillance video systems to monitor employee activities. The surveillance system can effectively be used for time management, prevention of theft, and detect the number of hours spent on a particular building or project. Aside from employee monitoring, it can also be used to monitor construction safety in the site and building progress.

Benefits of Camdog

  • Easy to install — CAMDOG.AI can work with any wireless IP system and also can support high-quality resolution cameras. It is very easy to install this sort of camera and can be used to cover the entire construction facility. You can also change the layout whenever you want based on the orientation of the construction site.
  • Efficiency: The surveillance systems are efficient and do not experience downtime. It can help settle time-consuming activities such as disputes between workers and inspections, thereby increasing productivity. Workers would be more productive when they realize their activities are monitored.
  • Theft Prevention: CAMDOG.AI surveillance system would ensure theft is minimized in construction sites. Every activity is captured, and every event covered.
  • Cost-Effective: Construction sites occupy vast spaces of land with many assets and tools. It is very difficult for a physical guard to survey the entire construction site successfully. In other to do that they must deploy a lot of guards who would be very expensive and it cannot be compared with CAMDOG.AI security surveillance system.
  • Excellent Remote Viewing system: CAMDOG.AI — based service comes with an excellent remote viewing capability for those that intend viewing their construction facility from a remote location

Final notes

The need for increased monitoring of personals and protection of assets has led to rapid advancements in the video surveillance system. It is estimated that in 2019 global expenditure in surveillance exceeded $114 billion. New technologies are evolving every day, but CAMDOG.AI has leveraged the power of AI to produce Surveillance systems for effective use by construction firms. Another estimate has it that construction firms lost about 1.1 billion dollars to vandalization and theft in the USA alone in 2019. This figure is projected to grow in the coming years. If you are wondering why theft and vandalization are so common in construction sites, then you should know such a site covers a vast area of land with a lot of assets. At night those sites are lonely and dark, which leads to theft and vandalism. CAMDOG.AI surveillance system offers great efficiency for security in the construction firm. It can save organizations significant cost while enhancing productivity.

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