COVID Quarantine 2020 and Your Security Needs with Camdog

Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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COVID Quarantine 2020 and your security needs with Camdog Inc
You Stay in Quarantine! will take care of everything

Deadly pandemic is changing the way of corporate life:

COVID – 2019, a fatal epidemic is making life miserable; everything is disturbed, economy, business, and social life. Coronavirus is changing the way the world works. The majority of the people are stuck in the houses, and they are unable to pursue even daily tasks effectively by which the world is facing significant financial loss. On the other hand, various people are dying regularly. More than 100 countries have restricted their flights; this global village has turned into a prison.

Along with many other issues, one primary concern raised on a high level is an increased ratio of crimes like theft and robbery due to lack of security check. To restrict the spread of this deadly disease, health officials and government authorities decided to lock people down in their homes. People stay at home and they are just unable to look at their backyards, stores, warehouses, and shops. Since some companies do not have enough staff to monitor and assure quality security service, the coronavirus epidemic gives thieves and robbers a chance to get in the locked warehouses or backyards and cash this chance.

Where security is a concern for people, security companies are also facing a lot of issues, like sending the hired staff to selective destinations as people refused to take more services from the security agencies due to lockdown. This is why the management of such organizations have to cut short their staff, and in some cases, the employees refuse to go out because they do not want to catch deadly disease due to the job. It is another serious concern because this is going to increase the ratio of jobless people in the region, now people are suffering from COVID 2019, and soon they will suffer due to security issues and unemployment as well. On the other side, security agencies will face the consequences as well. Due to the shortage of staff, service quality will be reduced, and there will be reduced staff to entertain the customers, which will cause growing robbery and other security issues because people are unable to operate a video surveillance system on their own.

Work from home is the new shift; 80 out of 100 companies ask their employees to work from home. It is also leading to more security concerns for those organizations that do not have video monitoring. Working from home is creating convenience for people but also creating security issues for their far off property and assets. Many SMEs are still using old, manual, analog equipment, and approaches in their business. Employees in such organizations are unable to work remotely.

Moreover, people are not able to look after their property or visit their workplace. Mainly construction companies and massive warehouses are facing more complex situations because they have stock of their essential products and raw materials, making it difficult for the management to ensure the safety of these products. Still, it is not possible to leave everything without any video surveillance system.

Epidemic of Corona Virus has raised many security issues:

  • Fear of robbery
  • How to look after your warehouse
  • Concerns about the construction site
  • No-one monitor for the security of the construction zone and material

No worries, Camdogtm security is here to serve to with the best by providing you with an opportunity to monitor things through video monitoring and cloud storage. All you need is the internet, cameras & Camdogtm security services.

In this situation created by Coronavirus, people are quite hopeless about their business because they can’t go out or overlook their business. Video surveillance systems are the only hope. Such schemes allow people to stay connected with their workplaces and control their property. Security monitoring companies can play a vital role at this time. Camdogtm security is one of those organizations’ security monitoring services that are ready for the serving community in this time of need. Camdogtm security is offering its advance technological services to overcome all those issues and ensuring that people are having a sound sleep without getting stressed about the safety of their home and workplace. Our company can offer some best video monitoring and cloud storage surveillance system to the customers.

Camdogtm security provides smart monitoring with no contracts. Here we serve customers with HD quality video monitoring where we provide the Commercial-Grade surveillance systems. We assist you to monitor your workplace right from your home without any DVR, by using our cloud-based services you will not need any DVR to assure everything is safe and the best part is; 24/7 you can control your place anytime from anywhere. We offer more than a product, and it is a security partner for your home and business, this is why we assure world-class services so that you could stay at home without being worried about your warehouse.

We are committed to serving our valued customers, and our mission is to fulfill the customer’s needs and providing them technical support to meet their organizational needs. There are a lot of benefits getting services from Camdogtm security like controlling your workplace; your backyard, construction site, or warehouse right from your phone, and you can also save these videos for safety reasons, our cloud service helps you ensure 24/7 security. We are offering our services at quite affordable prices to help people out in this situation and make it easier for them to ensure safety.

Risk and Safety

Camdogtm security is focused on the video surveillance system, which is all about the convergence of processes, people, and incidents, which will come together to protect the assets of customers by keeping an eye. We are Google partners and use their cloud security systems to prevent data leakage and other threats to the recorded information. Camdogtm security believes in customer satisfaction, and we assure that everyone is satisfied and carefree after getting our services. So, we are at your service 24/7! If you experience any issue- email us, and we are right here to answer your queries and concerns.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Security Surveillance Video Monitoring

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