Consequences of looting. How to minimize losses

Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Camdog ® team
Consequences of looting. How to minimize losses

Stop focusing on looting and start focusing on preventing it and minimize losses

Looters have their eyes on every expensive thing and every business either small or big. Looting is often a multitude of action, where two or more people find a shop, market, or a mall. Breaking their doors, windows, and things to loot whatever they can carry. They loot the stores in the best of time when they know police can’t reach them. And they have proper planning of looting on their desired places. Looting is a societal poison, that can spread street to street and across the country in waves. But we can save our society from this poison so that so many shops and areas could be saved from being dead. We need to take proper measures because if it's not done today, we had to face more losses tomorrow.

There is a dire need for a system that can frequently manage and records such types of incidents, and helpful in finding the cause behind the occurrence. So, the number of such incidents could be minimized by a focused 24/7 system.

So, we are here to solve your problems

Don't worry, the Camdog system is here to solve all your problems. The problem arises when a store has only analog CCTV systems or DVR systems or both. Sure, they have a recorded video of the incident. But sometimes this doesn’t work. This recorded video can be destroyed in an incident like looting. Our Camdog Al-Based system stores all the recorded videos on the cloud storage and will help you recognize the thieves who looted your store. Let me share why you have to replace the simple CCTV and DVR with our latest Camdog Al-Based system.

Latest Incident of Looting
Latest Incident of Looting

It’s the latest incident happened on June 12, 2020. When there was a protest happening outside the university mall and a crowd gathered at the time around 9 p.m. People entered the store by breaking the glass of the door, windows and entered bluntly in the Walmart store. According to an estimation, almost two hundred people entered the store and started looting the section of electronics. They cause almost a loss of $116,000 and several other damages were also reported. Owners and police are working day and night to identify the robbers. They are asking public questions about the robbers if someone knows anything about those people or any information about them. To save our stores from such types of damages we need to react immediately. We need to replace deprecated CCTV and DVR with the latest systems like Camdog Al-Based cloud video surveillance system. So, everything is being recorded and saved even after the robbers destroyed and damaged the cameras and DVRs.

No Records of Video

SMB (Small Medium Business) owners don’t bother much about the CCTV cameras. But when they face some mishap or something, they want to know who were robbers/looters. So, to know who were looters and how to find them, business owners direly need the video footage to catch the culprits. For this, business owners should adopt the latest systems of video. Camdog offers the latest and most accurate system.

Outdated video recording systems

We are living in an era where CCTV is not enough now to record the videos. With the update of the century, we need to update our video recording systems as well. As every passing day, robbers are making new and advanced ideas of robbing. They can destroy the CCTV even before the robbery. All the data is gone and you have been left with no evidence of robbers. To make it possible for the police to arrest the robbers we need their proper video footage. It can be done by our Camdog video surveillance system. Not even a single frame or robber is missed or deleted. Every evidence is being saved by our latest and high-quality cloud-based video recording system.

In the case of burned stores

Many times, it happens that after looting the area, the robbers put the place on fire. So, no evidence of anything is left. The CCTV and DVR are also burnt in the disaster. So, no evidence is left for the police or business owners. Our cloud video surveillance has enormous space and capable of saving long videos. Proficient enough of having the evidence even after the whole area is burnt.

Alarm notification system

Our notification systems connected with video surveillance will make it easy for you to call the police immediately. So, when robbers are entered the alarm notification will send and police could reach on time. And the most special feature our Camdog system has is that any recording of the robbers is not missed. All recordings have been saved even after the cameras are destroyed or damaged.

Continuous Protection for any Suspicious Activity

Our system alerts all the store owners immediately through monitoring and saves them from any suspicious activity or person. Our system monitors 24/7 what happening all around the store. So, there is another feature of the Camdog system working to detect any suspicious act done by any person.

Personalized Insurance Areas

Dealing with insurance companies is tough as there are several risks, and all of them need continuous administration. Cut out all the hazards of your store while strengthening your business for upcoming opulence. Stores have insurance because they lack the recovery of the damage as soon as possible to make their store to work again. The stores are at risk of looting at every moment.

Bottom line

For monitoring, all these issues, a CCTV and DVR are not enough because they may be destroyed during such dangerous incidents of looting. We cannot control the looting. But we can do something to save our store for minimizing the loss of possible future lootings. Our system provides the video which will help the police to recognize and caught the thieves. But don't worry, we have a safe and undestroyable system for your stores. Our Camdog video surveillance system ensures to monitor every corner of your store that may have some danger. You can view any happening anytime and anywhere. It records the data and pieces of evidence that would be helpful to know the cause of the incident. You should pack all of your stores with our latest Camdog video surveillance system.

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