Camdog Security for Protection of Gas Station; How It Guards

Wednesday, 20 May 2020
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Camdog Security for Protection of Gas Station; How It Guards

In 2014 twenty-nine death fatalities have occurred in the gas station industry stated by US Bureau Statistics of labor. Ratios of 2.3 employees on every 100 employees were injured at the gas station. There is an estimation of1.1 rate among every 100 employees who were brutally injured. Those bruises either cause them to miss their work or either they have to leave the job and find some other safe place to work. There is a dire need for a system that can frequently manage and records such types of incidents, and helpful in finding the cause behind the occurrence. So, the number of such incidents could be minimized by a focused 24/7 system.

But don't worry; Camdog.AI system is here to solve all your problems. The problem arose when a gas station has only analog CCTV systems and DVR systems. Because of that, they only have a recorded part of the incident. And that recorded part may have destroyed in the explosion. At the same time, Camdog.AI system will not only provide a recorded video but also recognize all the dangerous objects and incidents that may happen in the future.

As gas stations already have the insurance policy to recover the damage, but why let the incident happened even? We can avoid severe incidents to occur by adopting the right measures to security as the gas station industry needs protection throughout day and night. There is no doubt, gasoline is the gem of gas stations, but it could be dangerous at the same time where managers do not have a proper and secure system.

Fuel up
Hazards through Gasoline
Hazards through Gasoline

Gas stations are on the continuous risk of danger because gasoline is present there all the time. Gasoline effortlessly floats on water and can travel on long pathways, causing danger far from the gas station towards the city, making the routine of people in danger. Our particular system continually monitors that there is no leakage of gasoline on any part of the gas station. It prevents it from burning the whole gas station or near areas with its super technology. It alerts all the gas station immediately through monitoring and saves them from burning. Empty underground tanks may also cause burning of the gas station through vapors of gasoline. So, there is another system of Camdog.AI working underground to detect the presence of gasoline vapors there.

Movement of Vehicles

You are unable to control the movement of the vehicles. Vehicles movement is also a cause of severe damage and injuries to the gas station. The accidental collision of gas station vehicles with other structures, pedestrians and their vehicles cause significant damage. This is not possible through analog CCTV system and DVR system because sometimes their memory is full and sometimes the data vanish due to fuse electricity. The system monitors vehicle movement and prevents them from colliding. Timely informed vehicles collision may prevent so much destruction from happening. Also, a proper method will be devised to monitor traffic control.

Hazardous Chemicals and Substances

Gas stations don't have gasoline only, but several different chemicals may cause chemical burns. And those chemical burns can explode, creating vast massive destruction of a gas station and nearby areas. Analog CCTV system and DVR system also destroyed in the explosion along with all the records and causes. In contrast, Camdog.AI system stores entire data in the cloud storage that cannot be destroyed. So, all the employees of the gas station to prevent any damage. Protecting the business of the gas station industry and preventing hazardous chemicals from exploding. Our system informs timely and prevents business destruction of the gas station industry.

Manual Handling

Our security camera system continuously monitors how things are going and what needs to be improved. A proper recording is always required to see what is going right and what is going wrong. Gas station workers are at risk of every little injury from back pain to muscle strains. Your employees are the gem of your gas station. If they are not adequately well, then, the gas station may not give a proper outcome. So, business owners of gas stations direly need the Camdog.AI system to monitor every gem employee of their gas station.

Electrical disasters

Analog CCTV systems and DVR systems may have several electricity problems and may fuse and lost the stored data. The Camdog video surveillance system is free of this issue, even if the electricity is fuse issue or no power. The data is not lost, and it is safe. Wet floors or the environment are the primary cause of electrical hazards. The workers are at more risk if they work in such a damp environment. Our system is continually monitoring that there should be no such wet areas to prevent electrical hazards. Our video surveillance cloud system is fitted on all areas of the gas station to ensure that all emergency buttons are working and could serve best when needed.

Fire Risks and How Camdog Helps
Fire Risks and How Camdog Helps

Fire risks are the main and inevitable risk at gas stations you have to manage. Exits points with the presence of abundant gasoline are the primary cause of disasters. Our exceptional security makes sure that no point in the gas station is in the danger zone. And if so, we inform and take precautionary measures on time. Most gas industries have policies of insurance that may include full coverage of fires and gas explosions. However, there should be a proper check on such fire areas to minimize the fire risks.

Violence and Robberies

Violence and robbery of precious goods can happen anywhere at gas stations due to a large amount of cash present in the gas station. Or maybe rich people cross the gas station. Analog CCTV system and DVR system cameras may record videos, but when robbers come and destroy the camera and backup devices, then we lost the record. Our system records not only the robber's face and all the happenings even if they ruin our cameras. We still have their data saved in our record.

Personalized Insurance

Dealing with a gas station is tough as there are several risks, and all of them need continuous administration. Cut your gas station hazards while strengthening your gas station business for upcoming opulence. Gas stations have insurance because they lack the recovery of the damage as soon as possible to make their gas station work again. The gas station industry is at risk at every moment. Several little objects and chemicals can cause massive destruction. Risks of handling a gas station are more intricate than merely protecting your purchasers' source of fuel. Additionally, threats of gasoline and there are lots of other dangers that might disturb both your customers and your employees. For monitoring, all these issues, a CCTV and DVR are not enough because they may destroy during a disaster. But don't worry; we have a safe and undestroyable system for your gas station. Our Camdog video surveillance system ensures to monitor every corner of your gas station that may have some danger. You can view any happening anytime and anywhere. It records the data and pieces of evidence that would be helpful to know the cause of the incident. To save your gas station from disaster and continuous monitoring, you should buy a gem for your station "Camdog Video Surveillance system.”

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