Сamdog.ai for the private sector. Who is it for? Beyond the doorbell.

Monday, 12 September 2022
Camdog ® team
Сamdog.ai for the private sector. Who is it for? Beyond the doorbell.

Everyone needs security and confidence in the future, intrusion prevention, protection from physical and psychological hazards from the outside world. People do their best to avoid anything that threatens their health and well-being. People with a high need for security pay a lot of attention to the life factors that are even remotely associated with various crimes. For the people who are not satisfied with a simple video intercom, we offer Camdog.ai - our enterprise-level video surveillance system for the price of several cups of coffee per month

I will say right away for whom it is not suitable - our system is not about a video doorbell. It’s not about cloud access to the Chinese no-name server, which is based somewhere but you’re never sure where! It will not work for you if you just pay $10 per month for a Chinese cloud service. You do not need it if you need it as a toy or to poke around in front of your flatmate. It will not work for you if your need for security just comes down to buying a heavy door lock.

But everything changes when you are concerned about your personal safety. When you know that you have valuables ​​that are definitely of interest to a variety of criminal elements. You have a house or apartment that is covered by at least 5-10 cameras and these cameras work around the clock. When your system can be destroyed from the outside and you have to provide for it without spending millions of dollars on it. If you have a house plot or ranches that need to be covered with video surveillance for hundreds of acres and you don’t want to worry that your system will react to the first raccoon or a shadow from a cloud, as it happens with many solutions from the masses of the market.

Then Camdog.ai is for you.

It remains at your disposal with:

  • Complete versatility
  • You can view events and videos from any web browser
  • Camdog mode
  • People detection mode
  • Object detection mode
  • License plate recognition mode
  • Suspicious activity detection mode
Contact us and we will tell you everything in detail.
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